Replacement windows can be a large expense and most homeowners put this project on the back burner however, replacement windows can make a huge difference in your home.

Condensation between panes

If you have double or triple paned windows and notice condensation or fog inside the glass, you might need to replace the glass or the entire window because condensation and fog between the glass panels can indicate seal failure. When the seal fails, moisture gets in between the panes of glass and as a result, air will condense on the glass. And when this happens, the insulated glass is no longer doing its job.

Energy bills through the roof

Old, poorly fitting or single paned windows make it easy for warmth to escape and cold air to get in, making it more costly to heat your home.

It’s draughty indoors 

It should never be windy in your home.  If you are constantly walking around your house in a jumper and wrapped up in a blanket then you need to invest in new windows.  The difference in comfort level is worth the investment.

Your windows no longer lock

This is not only a safety concern but also a big area of energy loss.  The locking mechanism seals out air and keeps outside air from penetrating your home.

Leaking windows 

A major sign of an aging window is leakage. Leaks can sometimes be relatively harmless with just a few droplets of moisture accumulating. They can also be quite serious,  causing insulation damage, mold or mildew, and sometimes structural issues. No matter how small, a leak is a common sign that your old windows are no longer efficient, and replacement may be a good option for you.